The Career Network Spyglass

The Career Network Spyglass is the quarterly newsletter for the Career Network for Science PhDs at Yale. This newsletter will update members, career mentors and faculty advisors on the past activities and progress of CNSPY, and offer a preview of upcoming events and projects. Each issue will also contain opinions and information on specific careers relevant to science PhDs and list resources for learning more. Please continue reading for previews of the published issues of The Career Network Spyglass. 

Download the complete 6th issue.
Download the complete 5th issue.
Download the complete 4th issue

Download the complete 3rd Issue.
Download the complete 2nd Issue.
Download the complete 1st Issue.

Issue 6 download the complete newsletter.

Issue 5 download the complete newsletter.

Issue 2 download the complete newsletter

Issue 1 download the complete newsletter

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